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India and the Mobile Phone

India has the fastest growing cell phone users than anywhere else in the world. By 2015 India is projected to have 1 billion subscribers to cell phones, a number that would eclipse even China.

In the main cities and regions of India the cell phone market is pretty much a saturated market. The continuing growth comes from the rural and country side of India.

Originally government owned, India houses the 3rd largest telecomm network in the world. In the 1990’s government reliquenshed large stakes of it’s telecomm business to private investors. This has spurred better, more economical competition especially among the rural residents.

But the challenge to get these farmers and other rural customers are big. Sales reps from the Nokia phone carrier ride through parts of India in company labeled vans playing Bollywood soundtracks through loudspeakers. As sales reps they can’t sell phones or take orders but merely ride through the small towns to convince people why they need a mobile phone and more simply to “establish concept of phones.”

However the rest of the country is perfectly entrenched in all the extras a mobile phone can bring including Internet usage, cameras, and social networking apps.


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