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Mobile, cell phones

New York, New York

Grant Elsevin, 37, is a independent movie director and award winning screenwriter. He owns and operates L7 Works which is a film company that specializes in creative media formats such as independent films, shorts, music videos, and advertising experiments.

Phone: IPhone3GS

Subscription:  ATT 2 year contract (unlimited calls/unlimited texts/unlimited data use)

Average Monthly Expenditure: 160

Hours of Work to buy Phone: 1/2

Grant is a 37-year-old businessman and creator of a dozen scripts, movies, videos, and advertising trends. Living between New York and California, it is important for Grant to have as much information on him at all times. The Iphone provides him with the best way to store information, ideas, and contacts. His unlimited phone minutes provide him with freedom of mind to not worry about extra fees from talk, text, or media overage. Since he commutes largely from coast to coast, Grant has a very large contact list of about 2,000 people complete with pictures, email and home addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. When he is at home, the Iphone syncs with his Mac Me service which automatically downloads all the information on his phone to a ‘cloud’ based backup storage that can be uploaded at any time if something were to happen to his phone. These extra backup utilities allow him to sleep at ease without fear of losing a prominent actors phone number after he had tirelessly cajoled them to read one of his scripts.

Being busy and constantly creating, writing, and producing new media adventures, Grant must keep a tight schedule of things he must absolutely do and people he has promised to call or meet. His phone reminds him of these schedules plus his mortgage payments and other monthly expenses that must be made in a timely fashion. Although Grant has unlimited minutes he seldom uses all of them, preferring to send text messages and emails to clients, producers, and/or lawyers. The ability to write what he is thinking has proven a beneficial gift to sway or deter whomever, however he feels, better than his sometimes bumbling oratory skills.

Grant also uses his Iphone for music and podcasts. News podcasts keep him up to date on world events without having to search for a television and the music on his Iphone allows him a range of ‘moods’ he can put himself into by the music he listens to whether in the car, on a plane, at the gym, or in his bed. Social network applications on the Iphone give him a chance to keep in contact with and quickly check on some of his friends without the need to converse as often.

Grant has recently started to use the video function of the 3gs to better understand how it may be used professionally and personally. However the camera application on the phone has been his most used application. Remembering faces but easily forgetting names, Grant takes a quick snapshot of everyone he meets when he enters their information into his phone so he can better remember who they are so most times he can reference that he knows and remembers them, before they even say hello.

Having all the proper information in his contacts list, Grant can easily assemble a team of writers, producers, and gaffers in either New York or California. And the readily available GPS function on his Iphone keeps him from getting lost when he is out combing the cities for new and neat set locations, actors homes, or meeting someone at a restaurant he has never been too. Keeping the Iphone close, he can always write down sudden ideas in his notes application or he can talk into the microphone feature of his phone so he can record a dialogue scene for his new movie without having to think, stop, and type into a laptop or home computer.

The benefit of his phone is that he can do more things without the need for anything else. This allows him to search for inspiring things to write about and new ideas to try without the confinements of having to wait to get home. And the size of the phone allows him to do all these things with a device that easily fits into his pocket.


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