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Digital Audio

The poor poor record companies. As someone who was at one point interested in the music industry, I have absolutely no remorse for the problems they are experiencing with digital audio. Instead of embracing digital audio (before the days of Itunes)  the days of Napster, Bearshare, and Limewire should have brought about a new strategy. Instead of seeing the popularity of illegally downloaded music as a sign of their bad products and stupidly priced CD’s (17 bucks, really!?) the industry could have taken a new approach and used the new found technology of digitizing audio products to capitalize on the consumers willing to buy digital audio…but instead, the industry decided to sue consumers for thousands and thousands of dollars. And instead of reducing the prices of CD’s, they chose (and still choose) to sell CD’s to stores at the same ridiculous prices in which true record stores (the places that actually PROMOTE the buying of GOOD music) still have sell their CD’s for 17 bucks to stay in business. And then people wonder why a consumer would rather download an album at home, at whatever time, for 10 dollars instead of going to the record store to purchase a CD for 17. My personal belief is that people who download music illegally, end up BUYING the music they ENJOY.

But now the industry seems to be more in tune because of Itunes. I haven’t bought a physical CD in at least 2 years. I download all my music from Itunes and put it on my phone or Ipod. A few years ago I transferred all of my CD’s onto my computers hard drive. I did this because at some point, I’m throwing all these CD’s away because I’m tired of packing around 1000 music CD’s every time I move or having to find storage for them. The convenience, the ease of transferability, the superior sound, and easy transportability make the popularity of digital audio one of the best things to happen to consumers.


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