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Video and its use by everyday people adds to the already available forms of still imaging and audio products to record our histories and happenings. I’ve used it before, as most people, as a way to record important events in my life to later look back and replay those events. I believe as home video continues to become cheaper in both recording and editing, it will become an even more popular form for us to put our pasts in recorded form. So instead of those large photo albums, you may have a collection of video albums.

Of course, video is widely popular now. It is everywhere from our web-cams to our Iphones. Home video will increase what we record and ultimately give end users a greater power in what we see, not only on a personal level but on a world level. Think of the increased power of the Green movement in Iran because of the video images of chanting, protesting, reckless violence against the movement, and even more moving, death against an innocent protester. Imagine the increased power of grass roots organizations and people of lesser means to be able to record and document their struggles and successes to a larger audience.

But home videoing could potentially be a growing political and legal concern also. Think of the power of a regular person in an extraordinary situation and what video could do to enhance our view of that event AND the person who documented that event. Now imagine a person potentially violating someone’s privacy by videoing and then displaying that video to the masses, such as any famous person’s sextapes that they do not want to get out. Or imagine someone sitting at dinner having a conversation and someone whipping out a small camcorder and videotaping that. If you are in a public space, is everything you discuss, even if it’s at a whisper, public also? Yes, home video can be very useful but it also could turn alot of people into potential spies and people who think they are having a private moment, being spied upon.


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