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Mr. Telephone Man

I did a lot of growing up at my grandparents house and when it came to the telephone, it was like a trip to the candy store if I could answer it. But I don’t remember a lot of answering or being taught how to answer a phone because, like now, I’m allergic to telephones […]

Digital Audio

The poor poor record companies. As someone who was at one point interested in the music industry, I have absolutely no remorse for the problems they are experiencing with digital audio. Instead of embracing digital audio (before the days of Itunes)  the days of Napster, Bearshare, and Limewire should have brought about a new strategy. […]


Video and its use by everyday people adds to the already available forms of still imaging and audio products to record our histories and happenings. I’ve used it before, as most people, as a way to record important events in my life to later look back and replay those events. I believe as home video […]