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My first computer was a Commodore 64. I don’t remember using it much for anything but video games. I know I may have done some basic math problems on it too but that’s about it. I did buy a game programming book and which had the code to write certain types of video games (basic games like a ball bounces off the screen and you try to block it with a hypen looking stick). Yeah, I think most of the programs were about 30-80 pages long and I did two of them. After I copied the first one and got it going, I thought it seemed like an awful lot of work to type in 30 pages of programming (that I had NO IDEA what is was) for such boring games.  But the C64 had some really cool games like Summer Games and Winter Games, which were Olmypic games like the triple jump and javelin. I remember I was the only one in the neighborhood who had one so a few of my friends would run down to my house and we’d play it all friggin day. So my first computer was just an extension of a video game. And all the games came on a floppy disk. But they were about as big and square as a CD case. So when I was older and my parents bought me a PC, the first thing I did, was buy a video game.

Funny how now, I use my computer for everything. I think how I wouldn’t be able to take this online class without it. I think I”m in front of my computer more than my TV now a days. I get my news, my sports updates, I watch all my HBO and cable shows through my PC, I pay my bills, I do email, I chat, my whole music collection is stored on my pc….I type papers, I do video editing, music editing, web pages, and I’m even searching for a new apartment with my PC.

I have an old PC that is hooked up to my television so I use it to store movies, play music, and watch recorded TV.

I’m not sure when it changed for me, but it was about 10 years ago I really started getting into the technology and the way pc’s work. I’ve built a few myself and feel pretty comfortable with the inner workings of most pc’s. But it wasn’t until then, that I realized that the PC is way more than Myst and online video games. The PC is becoming a computerized conversion box of everything digital. I just have a feeling at some point there will be (if not already) a way for a computer to hook into your utilites and their power source (gas, electric, water) and control the right amount of power to be used depending on what device you’re using and what time of day.At some point the PC will convert everything for us.


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