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Streaming Media

Streaming Media is a media that is still being explored. It’s affect on TV and Cable, I believe will be minimal because TV and Cable will eventually adapt this form of media into its own form. As of today, you can watch streaming movies from Netflix with certain TV’s. As the ability to stream more and better quality videos and music continue, so too will the importance of the streaming. However, as I have said before, the impact of streaming media as with all digital formats will be on the creation side. Even with the still new forms of streaming media outlets like YouTube and Hulu, millions upon millions of people have seen amateur, upcoming, and random videos and audio mixes of people who before the beginning of this decade would not have a platform to showcase their creations. As YouTube becomes more popular and more ‘acts’ and clips are watched, the prospects for finding creative people may be harder, but it will EASIER for them to publish their works.

For example if I have a small, short movie I have completed, I can showcase that through YouTube with possibility of over a million people watching it. The cost to me is considerably less than would be if this avenue was not available.

Furthermore, as more and newer people come into the digital age, soon the idea of personalizing video and audio content will become more and more important. Pandora, a radio streaming application, will allow you to pick your favorite song and then it plays that song and songs that it feels are closely related to that one. In other words, you get to be the owner of your own radio station. This is the future of the way we will entertain ourselves.

I watch 90percent of my television shows on-line. I cut my cable two years ago and have not missed it because I can stream or download most shows I like on-line. As a matter of fact, I can even watch LIVE shows and games, like UofL basketball on most nights they play through a FREE service on ESPN.

So I believe streaming media is the new waive of media. I believe it will personalize how we watch and listen to movies and music and I believe it will allow a larger group of people to produce and distribute their work.


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