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My first computer was a Commodore 64. I don’t remember using it much for anything but video games. I know I may have done some basic math problems on it too but that’s about it. I did buy a game programming book and which had the code to write certain types of video games (basic […]

Streaming Media

Streaming Media is a media that is still being explored. It’s affect on TV and Cable, I believe will be minimal because TV and Cable will eventually adapt this form of media into its own form. As of today, you can watch streaming movies from Netflix with certain TV’s. As the ability to stream more […]

FCC And Allowable Content

I personally believe that the FCC use of not allowing obscene or profane words, sights on broadcast television is a good thing.  The V-Chip and the safe harbor time slot is a positive for both television and the people watching. The only thing that really stands in the way of these rules are the grey […]