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Digital Television

In my view, the switch from Analog To Digital Media is important because Digital Media is an easier media to get, to edit, to manipulate, and carry (both in how we watch it/listen to it and how we record it).

Socially, DTV may lead us to a host of other things like 3D television and holographic viewing but what I think DTV does, is eliminates the need for a cumbersome transfer of what is mostly Digital Media (cellphones, video cameras, anything with a computer)into a slower, less precise, and more expensive form of analog tv.

This transfer to digital will allow a greater number of people to participate in television, whether it be, news, entertainment, sports, or world events.Because digital media seems to be more readily available to the masses and far cheaper than analog was to produce or capture, digital tv will benefit from that and allow consumers to become a more interactive participant in television watching.


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