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Digital Television

In my view, the switch from Analog To Digital Media is important because Digital Media is an easier media to get, to edit, to manipulate, and carry (both in how we watch it/listen to it and how we record it). Socially, DTV may lead us to a host of other things like 3D television and […]

Theory I Like The Most

The theory i like the most, at this moment, is the Technological Determinism Theory presented by Marshall McLuhan. As I read his theory there were many ideas and concepts which I believe are true. Furthermore, most of the theories presented talk about how different types of media communicate (Weaver) or are communicated to us (Performance […]


A little quiet. A little shy.Sometimes too stubborn. Sometimes too sporadic. Yet, always humble. Aspiring screenwriter and movie dude. I just changed my major, again,  back to communication and I pretty sure this will stick. My grandfather told me I was going to graduate college by the time Im his age (he’s 95),  so I’ve […]